Wagner L601 Hygrometer

"Quick-Scanning" Moisture Meter The rugged L601 Moisture Meter is specifically designed for the demanding environment of the sawmill or manufacturing plant where lumber must be scanned quickly. The L601 "Wood-Friendly" electromagnetic waves penetrate the surface to a depth of 1” and provide an instant reading of the board's  moisture content. The large 2.5" x 2.5" scanning surface can even scan large boards from end to end in seconds. Not only is this meter durable, the Wagner L601 is engineered with an ergonomically designed handle, making an accurate moisture measurement of your wood comfortable, quick and easy. The L601 is truly designed for those rough industrial applications. The L601 features an automatic shut-off for long battery life. • Virtually unaffected by wood temperature. The Quick-Scanning Model L601 Moisture Meter makes the job of moisture detection easier, more thorough and more accurate in a high-production environment. The L601 is available in Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow Pine referenced versions. An accompanying instruction book includes species adjustment tables for more than a hundred of the most used hardwood, softwood and imported species. Size: L 8 1/2" X W 4" x h 3.75" Scanning Area: 2.5" x 2.5" Scanning Depth: 1" Weight: 16 oz. Power: 4 AA Batteries Measurement Range for Reference Species (Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow Pine): 5-30 % Moisture Content

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