Sokkia automatic level

Automatic Level 


The SOKKIA automatic level has been improved to withstand all environmental conditions to which it may be exposed. Its strong, compact casing resists water, dust and humidity.


Magnification: 24X

Precision: ± 2.0 mm/km

Minimal focal distance: 0.3 m (1')

Aim reticule with crosshairs


Horizontal circle with 1° readings and 0.1° estimation

Magnification: 28X 

Lens aperture: 36 mm – Minimum target distance: 30 cm with a clear and sharp image – Leveling accuracy: 2mm/km (standard deviation for 1 km double leveling)

Simple and user-friendly sight – 2 adjustable knobs - Insensitive to external conditions – Automatic compensation


  • 475,00
  • 595,00